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At this moment i am an utterly frustrated person, and if i take out my frustration it will make an awesome post but i have always found that whenever i m frustuated, after writing about it i generally feel good and i dont want that to happen, i just want the frustuation to just go up and up..

So i will just make a few updates about my life in general, i do this so that my biographers can find easy content just in case i become famous some day, well the chances are as slim as asteroid hitting a moving train while you are shitting in the train toilet. Thinking about it, the idea of dying while you are shitting with your pants is a bit scary.. 

so as i said in the last post we left kochi, then for a day or two we were here in the village then headed to pune with sister, pune was typically boring just sitting at home whole day while sister and her husband and his brother all went to office it was very boring then as we were about to come back 2 days later, sister forced us to stay a few more days, so we stayed for another week as there were no trains.

They shifted the house to near her branch where she had got posting, main city area, so had easy access to bar after that. spent last few days drinking. It was good on sundays when every one was around watched movies and stuff till late on saturdays.

Also today cousin left for kuwait, so i m pretty much alone now, no more fishing and such adventure, the few people i know here are not really into such thing.. so thats it.

Gareebi, dont even talk about it, i m like real real gareeb. Lot of money got spent in travelling, daru and stuff. Since i m back here now i should now concentrate on working and make some money. But i know i wont work, unless there is a real fire under my ass. I m one of those person who wont work unless forced to work, and the sad part is that there is no one to force me.

Just finished watching A clock work orange, nothing great. Started reading Porno by irvine welsh this is the kind of shit i like, its keeping me interested till now.

Just to remind myself again, i m very frustuated, depressed and other similar meaning words. and i want to keep myself grumpy and frustuated for some time, and channel that frustuation to something productive. Sounds nice no? it certainly does but the whole shit is temporary. I have never been serious and i would never be, i know this. But i remember i used to get real serious when i did brown sugar, may b they should allow some pills, or i would just buy some phensedyl it alters mind too to some level, in those days when we were unable to get drugs we used to drink a few bottles of it.

those stories sometime later.

and get over the grammar and typos, you are a bloody human, not some machine requiring specific syntax. Over and out.


Written by maya

July 29, 2012 at 6:07 pm

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  1. Haha! Your posts are funny, dude!

    Fuck Awesome!

    October 5, 2012 at 8:59 pm

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