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Yesterday was onam and i generally do a post after a festival, because after festivals i m generally in bad mood. And pretty much thats the best and only time i could write. 

So onam was like shit D had said we will drink together, but towards the end of the day though we sat together he refused to drink, he said he didnt feel like drinking, so had to drink alone while he sat giving me company, i dont like this kind of thing, i would have been happy drinking alone.

I like to drink with people who drink a lot, because thats fun. Drink a lot, do some tight giri, may be fight with someone or puke,, there should be something, something to worth remember. 

I dranked a lot, last sunday though. There was some theyyam even at B’s house, so we were offered 5 or 6 friends, all drunkards and unreliable people with whom i m comfortable with, we drank a lot and it was fun.

there are some other serious matters which i wouldnt like to mention now, anway things are not going too good, extreme gareebi. This week itself i defaulted on hosting bill, adwords, microsofts ads, ning.  credit card balance is in minus 4k and everything has bounced. No idea where i will get money to pay these bills, lets forget advertising atleast i will have to arrange for hosting bills. This time i m almost cornered. Lets see.

over and out 


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August 30, 2012 at 1:43 pm

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