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If you ever gambled you will know there is a pattern to luck, scientifically speaking we can say its random but it happens almost all the time so i wont really believe it to be random, i think we call something random just because we are yet to understand them. In game of cards if you start getting good cards then you will get good cards in a series, like for three or four games u will constantly get good cards. In life too such shit happens, events are always in series.

As an observer of life i have noticed these patterns all the time, how does anyone become rich, to be rich you need a series of things to happen, all of them in your favor, back to back one after another, and it happens. Same with bad luck when one thing goes wrong, everything around you goes wrong, things that are not related to each other, and these patterns are not just for major events but for everyday smaller events too.Every one knows there are good times after bad and bad times after good but rarely do ppl notice a pattern to it.    

There is no special good news but times are good now, if you see my last post i was at a dead end, but suddenly money started rushing in, and i m good now, some unexpected payments and shit, nothing great but good, good for this month.

And secondly it seems everyone wants to drink with me, and i tell you it has nothing to do with money, its like everyone is offering free daru to me, its like i have become a trend or something. I dont know with whom to drink, too many invites. I have said yes to three people today for evening drinks, not sure how i m gonna manage. 

I m a pretty simple guy, i understand just two things money and fun. And i have money for this month, and there are drunkards to have fun with. And these people are real drunkards, people who drink and fight, and do tightgiri’s, i happen to like such people.

So B got married two days back, not really a friend but just a guy i know. Good wife he got. But she has got bigger beard than me, thankfully she shaved for wedding. we played a prank on him by hiding a few alaram clocks here and there in his room. Not much fun but ok. I would have liked if we threw shit in his room at night, but people wont approve, would they.

I m gonna write real shit soon, just keeping a diary isnt gonna cut it anymore. I have things in my mind that needs to be puked here



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September 5, 2012 at 6:28 pm

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