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Pot after a really longtime

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I dont really remember the first time i smoked marijuana, i think i drank bhang earlier.. but i dont really really recall either of the events. I do have some memory problem i guess. I have mostly good memories of smoking marijuana, but i do remember of puking twice.. The last time i had marijuana was in form of bhang thats 2 years back.

So UNI had arranged for some pot two days back, so we smoked and we laughed like for some 3 hours, yeh thats how i react to marijuana i laugh non stop, i know a lot of people who dont laugh after smoking pot, but i generally people who laugh, when i and R1 used to smoke we too used to laugh a lot.

The best memory that i have of smoking pot is when i, R1 and manish smoked, after smoking we went to manish’s house. His family was watching tv, so we sat along with them.. suddenly there was some sexy scene on tv, and i bloody burst out laughing, then r1 and manish followed, we were laughing so hard that we couldnt get up and go outside. Finally we managed to go out, finished out laughing for some time and came back to his house, still we were having problems with controlling laughter, manish would make faces at his father when he turns around, and we would keep laughing seeing his chutiyagiri. Had other incidents too but this is best of the lot.

So as we were smoking yesterday and laughing suddenly it started to rain. So we ran and took shelter in cousin’s house, yeh and we couldnt stop laughing. Another thing was that i had stopped wearing underwear since a week, i dont think underwear is really necessary, and the humidity and stuff its not practical. So while i was at cousin’s house, i was worrying i will get an erection and i would embarrass myself, but its just that i was feeling that i m having an erection but actually i wasnt. They kept asking why we are laughing, then reached home and continued laughing. The effect of pot went down only after we drank daru later in the evening.

Drinking has been regular since last post, basically everything is fun. Also have been gambling a bit, so its good.



Written by maya

September 15, 2012 at 7:14 pm

Posted in personal diary

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