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When i see my old posts, i find myself awesome its like the only good thing i have done. So i have decided to continue to solve questions of everyday life. And again its going to be about clothing, i have talked about it in the past too.

So why exactly do we wear clothes, why and how did clothes became compulsory feature of our culture. Why cant we decide to go naked and why exactly do we feel ashamed of going naked.

There are too many generally accepted theories to clothing, like we wear to protect ourselves from climate and things, the stuff that they taught us in school. Also once everyone started to wearning clothes and got habituated to it we find it hard to go naked, yes all these theories are logical and true.  But i have got this another theory, i dont know if it had already been talked about, may be it has been i dont know.

And its not like its the primary reason for clothing, its more like a secondary or more sublime kind of reason. I think we wear clothes because we think we have an ugly body, yeh there is bit of generalization. But if you think properly of the general behaviour of the people with ugly disformed body and people with so called perfect body. There is an tendency among both men and women with perfect bodies to showoff their bodies, more skin. lets take into consideration what we see everyday, film stars and such people supposedly having perfect bodies, what are they doing. When these men have perfect muscles what do they do, they take off their clothes and show these bodies, same with women when they have hour glass figure what do they do? they show up in more revealing clothes, bikinies and such.

So going by that logic, people who wear conservative clothes are having a body that they are ashamed of? Doesnt that make sense to you. I dont have numbers but take out some survey i assure you people who frequent more to the beaches are the people having more aesthetically pleasing bodies, the sole purpose of these people is to show off their body. Especially these bikinis, i find them in really bad taste, i dont like it, women look like frogs in it, may be you people dont find it repulsive but i certainly do.

We are still in a phase where we are supposed to clothe as per our culture, i m talking about lesser developed countries, feminists and such are crying because they are not allowed to wear clothes as per their wish. In the west people have already grown above it, and people with better bodies are going naked, i mean those nude beaches are there for a reason.

The point i m trying to make is in future where we would have grown over our baggage of culture and shit regarding to clothing, we will have a population that wont approve of being naked in public, people would certainly want to be naked in public in future, take my word for it but there will be a section of population with ugly bodies who would oppose the idea, so we wont have a world where every one would be naked.

Ok i re-read the post, i m hardly making any point i guess. I m writing on a non personal topic after a really long time, thats why i m not able to get the old originality, anyway i m gonna post it, wont waste my effort.


Written by maya

September 16, 2012 at 7:21 pm

Posted in uncommon

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