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Weird Ladki dekhing scenario

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Find here my previous self degrading ladki dekhing adventures. http://en.search.wordpress.com/?q=ladki+dekhing&site=adayinthelifeofindia.wordpress.com .

If you are not a regular here, which apparently you are not. Because i have lost my tribe a long back and i m doing all this bakchodi all by myself with nobody to read.  Still i suggest you to read the above shit which would certainly make you feel better because you will feel relieved that there is someone who is a bigger loser than you.

I have not done any ladki dekhing in recent times, but parents have been looking and its still not working out and stuff. So my parents tell me that there is this girl who is coming to her relatives place which is near to our home, so they said they would go and see the girl and if they like her, they will call me so that i can see. It was near so i agreed, and also there was no writing worth shit happens so i decided to go anyways.

So parents went, after sometime they gave me a call and asked me to come.  When i reached there what the fuck do i see.  There is some party going on, not the city type party i mean village type party where people eat food sitting on tables. So this was the house of a newly married guy, and these people who were having food including my parents, were like their relatives, it some post shaadi food party. My parents never told me, i will be seeing a girl here in all this bheed, i would have refused if i knew before hand, but since i m here now i said lets give it a try, when i entered everyone was looking at me, i felt weird. There were a few girls eating food, i assumed she would be one among them, i ignored them. But then my father calls me, he is standing in the balcony of the house, my father is standing there also there is a girl standing, my father tells me this is the girl in front of the girl, then i give a smile she responds. My father asks the girl have you seen him, i find the question a bit weird.  I mean how can the girl could have seen me before, she is not even from this place. So i take out my regular set of questions.

I ask her name. She tells her name. I see that everyone is looking at us, and i was feeling a bit weird, ladki dekhing things inbetween all thse people. Then i asked about her education, she replied with some hesitation. Then i decided to take a proper look and ask something else, i looked towards her face, i see a red mark on her forehead, whats this shit, oh my shit this is sindhoor, who the bloody fuck is she, who am i asking my standard shaadi questions, then my bloody father says, this is the girl that this guy married. What the bloody fuck.

I was like, why the fuck didnt u didnt tell me, if you tell me this is the girl, what the hell do i assume, of course i m gonna assume its the ladki dekhing girl. So that was funny, i was blushing red like a monkey’s ass after this super chutiyagiri.

After that i kept laughing internally, there was a constant smile on my face. Then did ladki dekhing, i dont why but yesterday’s whole day was chutiya, i dont know if this girl was psycho or what, she kept laughing hiding behind her friend, i couldnt even see her face, never mind. i still found that funny, i laughed too and i wondered if she was laughing at the chutiyagiri that i performed earlier, also this time i didnt ask any questions, i said its fine and left.

over and out.


Written by maya

September 24, 2012 at 5:46 pm

Posted in humor, personal diary

2 Responses

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  1. nice chutiyagiri…made me laugh!


    September 24, 2012 at 8:21 pm

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