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Today i finally typed my first self help query into google, i m one of those people who hate advice, wether written or oral, i have never read any self help bullshit, neither have i listened to anyone. But things are getting so serious now, and my problem is my laziness, i should be smart enough to think a way around it, but i m unable to do it, even my work is not very boring, its sort of ok, not something to be bored about, anyway the most boring part of my work i have already outsourced and i get it done from freelancers.

Even the supposedly interesting part of my work i m unable to do, and i m totally unable to find a solution to this, the major problem i think is because of the uncertain result, my work invovles things that may or may not give results, also there is no specific time when i could expect result, i m just supposed to put effort and just wait like some gamble, i like gamble but gambling results are instant, its not like you have to wait for an uncertain amount of time.  I think this is whats causing the problem, the brain is not getting any fucking incentive to work, the normal people they do boring work at office but they get salary in time, so that acts as a motivation. I have to work, and i dont fucking no if i will get a result or not.

The recent google update that affected exact match domains fucked me over, so its pretty much zero now, but its good for a change, so i can close some of these resource hungry shit and move to something else, but closing something that you have built by investing your time and money is hard, especially for me who values hard work just because i m very lazy and i know the effort required to actually build something from scratch. I think it has been one of my major problems, inability to hiveoff loss making units.

Now some comedy, day before yesterday did a marathon ladki dekhing. 5 girls it was totally bheekarisome, it doesnt get any more pathetic than this, i do it for experience, for posterity. I need a record of this patheticness also it has its funny moments the hunger for which never dies, i seem to have an affinity to get myself into embarrassing situations.  Ok it will be better if i do a separate post for it.

over and out


Written by maya

October 6, 2012 at 10:25 am

Posted in ramblings

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