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Is it normal or does it happen only with me (Ladki dekhing)

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The thing about ladki dekhing is that most of our idea comes from movies, because most of us dont really come across any real ladki dekhing thing untill we are going for ladki dekhing ourselves, i would have known if my there was a ladki dekhing for my sister but since there was none i would not know, so all my outlook of the ladki dekhing system was from the movies. And it doesnt really matter what language movie you are watching, if there is a ladki dekhing scene its pretty much the same throughout India.  And from what i have seen in movies it seemed logical, but they normally show the girl in movie being disinterested in being paraded in front of others, may b there is a point but its not too good either for guys, its actually more annoying for the guys.  I think i have already talked about this so i will cut short here.

So there are some weird ladki dekhing things that happened with me, like the one i mentioned here https://adayinthelifeofindia.wordpress.com/2012/09/24/weird-ladki-dekhing-scenario/ it has mostly to do with the situation, i mean the situation is totally different from what we would generally expect from a ladki dekhing ceremony or event or whatever you may like to call it. So there have been events that crushes the notion of ladki dekhing that one might have in mind, i will tell you 2 such events which i found very chutiya type and its something which i doubt to be a normal thing around here, but it could be i dont know.

So this happened a few months back, i, my father and my mama who also is a shaadi ka agent takes us to a few girls, as in 4 or 5. It was mostly normal ladki dekhing but the last one was funny, so we were supposed to see the girl, so we reach her home and find out she is not there and that she has gone to work, she is a nurse, the ones that work in operation theatre. So my mama cum agent says lets go and see her in hospital. I was already like WTF ladki dekhing in hospital its fucking weird, but that was hardly weird compared to what was coming. So we reach the reception of the hospital and they ask for the girl, so now i expect that they will call the girl down and there will be some brief ladki dekhing, though i was still shocked at the weirdness as this was the first time it was happening to me. So mama tells she is up, lets go there. so we go up and my mama bloody knocks the door of operation theatre, i move back and hide, i was sure he will be getting a scolding from someone, but that doesnt happen, the door open and this girl comes out. And she is in all that surgeon type green dress with that topi on head and that mask. She has worn that surgical gloves and there is blood on it, it all felt like a dream. Then mama calls me, and says this is the girl. After seeing the girl in all the gloves and stuff with blood on it, the only words that came out of my mouth was “how is the patient”. Just joking, i asked my standard questions.

If you have noticed i mentioned about the last marathon ladki dekhing that happened recently in last post, so this funny incident happen in the last ladki, so we did some 4 ladki dekhing all day and i was bored as nothing funny happened, i was about to call the day a failure with no comedy situations or interesting incidents. So this agent ( another agent) tells that there is one more girl, but she might be at work, but we can go and see her there, she works in some medical shop. Hearing this i already had a smile on my face, i knew this is going to be funny, but the fact is that for a few moments of funnyness there are uncomfortable embarassing moments to be suffered. But as you know me, there is not really a price that i wouldnt pay for some good comic experience. So this agent says we will first go to his father, so that girls father is a chai wala, yeh he has a tea shop, the gareeb type tea shop, where old jobless old men sit and talk, a place with walls darkened from smoke, no fan or shit and just a dim light bulb in a dark room. I tell you it was a weird place. I was already liking the weirdness, so we meet the girl’s father, he seemed like a good guy, we all sat and drank tea. Then the girl’s father says if you want i can call the girl here, so they said ok so they call the girl. after sometimes the girl comes. The setting and all was very dreamy and arty especially the humidity and that light bulb and those old men sitting around was giving a good flow. It was all and out uncomfortble. With all the people looking at us, like some 10 people, old men and other labourers, apparently its not a place where young people especially a girl and a boy could be sighted, so they were all staring at us, and i was asking the standard shaadi type questions, all those oldies had one helluva time seeing a ladki dekhing program, man where else will you get to see this other than movies.

There is also another incident i wont go in details i m writing it for myself, as a note so i dont forget this in future, so we went day before yesterday to some far away place, and we did a ladki dekhing in temple, yeh thats a bit weird too and also has some subtle humor in it, but i m already tired writing the two incidents, so lets forget about it. i wrote it just to make a record.

Also day before yesterday had gd time drinking after just bought half liter and 3 people drank, UNI me and M, it was not enuf for us, so we went hunting for daru, couldnt find and eventually went for food, when we were eating and talking about the inability to find daru, some other guys who were eating they tell us that they can arrange for it. So we eat half the food, and remaining we get it parceled. We go to their place, some far village. There we all drink sitting on the road. Nice people they were, fun people. Drank there and reached home after 2, parents scolded the shit out of me for being so late, they are too annoying, they still treat me as a kid, never mind though. Thats it, already done too much of writing. so over and out.


Written by maya

October 10, 2012 at 12:17 pm

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  1. i am laughing so hard after reading about your visit to operation theatre …lol. it seems you are the only one with such weird experiences


    October 11, 2012 at 3:00 pm

  2. i must b very lucky then if i m the only one, i just hope i keep encountering such weird situations


    October 11, 2012 at 7:23 pm

  3. Hope you get married soon dude, U also failed to mention whether the girls u were seeing worth enough as in beauty or just waste of time.


    November 28, 2012 at 3:01 pm

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