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Time for some sunday bakchodi, no matter what sunday is always special. As the the title suggests the whole ladki dekhing business seems to have come to an end finally, its almost pucca now, date for engagement and marriage are yet to be fixed, as i said its almost fixed and i dont say its really fixed, as there are some chances that things might not work out, but the chances for that are quiet slim. I wont have broken the news unless its really fixed, but then that would become selective blogging, and i dont want to withheld anything here, i would just say as it stands now, even if i make a paplu out of me i would have no regrets,  this blog is an imprint of my life and it should remain that way.

So the story goes like this, we have this distant relative who is a neighbour and had recently came back from dufai, so he used to come to our home to talk, as most dubai returnees do on their leave as they dont have any work or ways to spend time, so they would just go to people’s house and talk. So he used to come and he became good company of my parents, and they would talk for hours, also he got acquainted with me, and we began to drink together, we drank the videshi whiskey that he bought, and since we both are atheist he developed an admiration of me, and towards the end of his leave, i.e. last week i think, he said he would find a girl for me, aware of the fact that i have been unable to find a girl for marriage since ever. So he and my father goes to see this girl who is an contact of the friend of his.

So they see the girl and they find the girl good, so the next day again us including me go to see the girl, ofcourse it was not a normal ladki dekhing, this was also weird but not as weird as some of my other adventures. We went to see at the hospital she was working at, she is a temporary physiotherapist at some sarkari hospital. After going through some typical comical conditions which have become a trademark in my case, i see the girl. The girl is ok, thou i m not sure again, a bit on the darker side but fairer than me, normal height, average looks, much more than average as per mallu standards,  her looks are like very very desi i dont know how do i describe it but it just means she has insane amount of indianess in her looks and really long and thick hair the kind they show in parachute commercial. Thou i have no special liking towards long hair, as a matter of fact i like short hair, but still long hair is a sign of healthy genes.  She is a real smooth talker, the kind of person who are very social, kind of people who know how to talk and are by default friendly with every one, quite opposite to the socially awkward me. So when we reached hospital we called her home to get her mobile number so that we can call her down, what the fuck do i her, she doesnt use a mobile phone, how more sexier does it get than this, someone who doesnt use a mobile is insanely sexy, i wished i could do that.

So we like the girl, not exactly like an instant like, actually we debated a few minutes to decide if the girl was good looking or not, nobody could really  put a finger on it, and now i realized the brains of my parents have also got scrambled about beauty just like me owing to ladki dekhing on a long term basis, thankfully V (the dufai guy) was there to tell that the girl was actually good looking, after listening to that we also found the girl good looking. I say she is confusingly average.

so we call her parents tell that we like the girl and intend to take it forward, and we need her rashi details so that we can check with the astrologer, so the rashi detail which is call kurp which i think actually mean ‘a note’ literally needs to be exchanged they said her brother would come here and give that, also that way he can see the house and all, but the next day they dont come, we think they are not interested thats y they are making bahanas.  They say they couldnt come due to some reason so asked us to collect that from the girl at the hospital, so again i and V go there and xchange the kurps, again i see the girl, again i m indecisive if i like her or not but mostly i m on the positive.

So we see the rashi and tell them the match is ok, its like 6 and a half match out of 10, not great but workable. They seemed serious about astrology and stuff from their earlier talks, so they said they would also want it to be check at their end. 2 days go in that they said they didnt get time, we all the time felt they are not interested. They never called us, they only told the stories when we called them. Finally they said they checked the rashis and next day they will come to visit us to talk further. Ofcourse they would have showed my rashi and astrologer would have said that i m going to be super rich or something, its pretty standard, most astrologers tell that thing, they seemed to have got all of a sudden very interested after the rashi checking thing.

Still my job thing was not clear, it was just told that i m a web designer, ofcourse it was not told that i was doing it from home which is a huge huge negative, its like super negative, its better to be a lottery ticket seller than to be told that you are working from home, these villagers dont understand this shit, and they cant be made to understand. So they come, V’s friend who showed the girl to us, her mama and her father. You wont believe what her father’s name is, its MAYA its the most unusual coincidence, how the fuck does a male have a name maya, and he hardly talks, he talks much less than me. All the phone talking happened with her mother, her father never came on phone, extreme introvert i say. After hearing her father’s name i knew this would work, this is a weird sign thing that happens with me, there is always a sign and when it comes to me, these signs are often weird.

So we discuss about things, we hinted that we need to make it asap, obviously because we want the jafa to get over soon, we need something to be fixed. But they didnt give a date, they say they will tell later, also their house is half completed, they havent done house warming yet, engagement can be done only after that. Also they didn’t seemed financially ready for it as of yet, may b thats y they were dillydallying.

Parents do call them sometimes, and yeh i did talk with her on phone, nice voice and tone, which most social people have. Also her brother did an inquiry sort of thing, asking what exactly i do, and why i never took a proper job, i told what i had to, dont know if he liked what i said, ofcourse they would have to answer questions of their relatives, they would also ask what i do, and it would certainly be weird to say he works from home. Still things are positive if i may say so, and this is probably and hopefully the end of the ladki dekhing shit, because yours truly is tried of it.

The experiments moving forward would be of different kind, the originality of observations will b taken to the level of v s naipaul, i have never read anyone more talented than naipaul when it comes to observation.  And ofcourse going forward we will have the very detailed and most awkward of a suhaagraat post, which i know is going to take originality to a new level.  Also they had inquired specifically if i drink or smoke, and V had told them no, and they seemed damn serious about it, it would also b interesting to see what happens when i drink for the first time, it will be a major thing i say.

So this would mark the end of phase 1, next phase would b from date of engagement to the first 10 days after marriage, a very fucking detailed analysis will be done on the arranged marriage experience, and i hope its funny, embarassing and awkward till the end.  Yeh and that dufai guy he is going back today, that tattoo i got done from pune recently, we went there at sister’s place for durga puja, it was good.

this could be the longest poster ever on this blog.

over and out.


Written by maya

November 18, 2012 at 1:26 pm

Posted in personal diary

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