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For sometime now things have become very eventful. So last week on 20th we had our engagement (i just noted that i used the word ‘we’ instead of ‘I’) it has been just 6 days yet it feels like months. I have become extremely filmy over the days since this stuff began. Engagement was good, funnily there was no exchange of ring, they asked if that could be avoided, we said its ok. though i still dont know why would they say that. We were nervous since the previous day, but on the day of engagement i was fine. It was arranged at a hotel near to their place. We went there around 30 people, close relatives and my friends D, UNI, and M, since i was among friends i didnt feel weird, we were talking fun and uncontrollable laughter broke out while the function was going on, actually none of their family members except father and the girl have seen me in real before this, neither have i seen them so it was our first meeting. My mom gave her a bangle, and while she was returning she stumbled on the chairs, that was funny, she certainly was nervous. We posed for pictures together, while we were posing i told her i might have a vertigo out of fear will you catch me if i fall, she laughed. I was feeling very nervous during this time, had some chat with her brother.

Then the function was over, and everyone started eating, cousin’s wife made her sit beside me, table was big so they also joined also my mother and V’s wife. They made fun of me by saying why are you not talking to her, i replied how can i in front of you people. Still i talked with her, i asked where is her mobile, she said its with her brother, i said i have sent sexy messages to it, which i hadnt. While she was telling some story to V’s wife i touched her leg with my feet, she just got stuck in her story telling. she forgot everything that she was saying and couldnt say anything, i was looking at her reaction, she looked at me and started laughing. Then she hid her legs somewhere, i did some exercise to find her leg but failed. After food talked with her for a considerable time, also talked with other people. Now i was fine and feeling quiet confident. So the whole thing was good.

We still talk a lot, many hours in a day, also chat a lot. We also talk sex a lot, actually i was talking sex within 5 days that we began talking on phone, i can talk anything with her, we have become very close in a short duration, there is a huge amount of connection between us. I feel i wouldnt not become this close with any other girl in such a short time.

Cousin came from dufai sometime in the previous week or the week before that i dont remember i will have to refer to my tweets to know the date. I UNI and S went to receive him by taxi to kozikode, drank on the way. Reached there at 4 in the morning, and for the first time drank again so early in the morning in the parking lot of airport.

Had an accident two or three days back, i and cousin got hit by a tempo while we were on my bike. That guy also a distant relative took us to the hospital, there were no fractures, just some bruises and swelling, which is ok now.

On monday(she has off on mondays) went to see the girl, i was feeling shy while thinking of it, but it was all fine once we went. You see i dont have much experience of talking with girls, its like almost zero words, and i have been always nervous among them but with this girl i have been comparatively comfortable. we first had some ice cream, she had what she always had, i choose something randomly which i havent had, i hardly repeat the dishes at restaurants, i have always been curious to try new thing, life is too short for repetitions. We sat and talked as much as we could.

Then we strolled through the town, we were unsure how to spend time now, as its a small town and there are no options like parks or such. She suggested we go to railway station, which was actually very original idea, i dont know how could someone think of that, so we bought platform tickets and sat at one of the benches, platform was relatively empty being a small station. We talked, it was good, held her hand and all. it was good, then we ate lunch and i came back.

Then on christmas got caught by police while we were coming backing after buying liquor, as my bike has gujarat registration it often becomes a problem, also its in super khatara condition. They were to impound the bike but there were unsure if they could drive it back to the station so they took my licence instead, and asked to collect it from police station after coming with gaadi ka papers. So next day i and UNI went to get my licence back, there was so much waiting involved, if you go to court or police station a few times, which i have on many occasion, you would stop doing anything illegal, no they dont do anything bad with you, but the process involves so much waiting that it becomes unbearable.  They charged 500rs for not having insurance. though they could have charged on many counts.

Day b4 yesterday went for fishing and caught 3 tortroises, they will be cooked today or tomorrow, yeh catching tortroises is illegal. I dont support it, but my supporting or unsupporting wouldnt stop people from catching it. So whatever.

Yesterday went to water park. I UNI, S and D. it was fun, but dropped my phone in water, i wanted to take a video while sliding through one of the rides, which was stupid and phone got wet and stopped working.  Went by bus since we were to drink and didnt want to get caught again for drinking and driving.  Drank brandy before begining the journey, then after reaching there i and UNI drank 2 literes toddy again because we were not feeling drunk enough. Overall it was good. Will try keeping the phone in sun today, i hope it will work, nokia phones generally work the next day after getting wet, not sure about samsung.

so thats pretty much the story till now, gareebi continues, no ameeri insight yet.


Written by maya

December 28, 2012 at 8:41 am

Posted in personal diary

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