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Since its diwali and since it hardly matters in kerala will do a post on festivals, most mallus wont b aware of today being diwali unless they put on tv or read newspaper, anyway thats the beauty of hinduism and i would be much happy as long as their is no uniformity in festivals throughout india, indian local festivals are like regional dishes their is uniqueness in them, nobody would like to see chicken masala in every part of the country, which ofcourse is a sad fact that we have to live with. In earlier times when you did a train jouney from kanyakumari to kashmir the food items that you got from every station was unique and different but the sad fact of today is that its pretty much the same everywhere, and i find it saddening. the cultural unification of india is a huge price to pay.

Anyway coming to the topic, everyone likes the festive feeling, and its pretty sad thing to be alone during festive times, though i have never been alone during festivals but somehow i can assume how exactly does it feel, because living alone is one of the things i hate the most and wouldnt do anything that would lead to it, because happiness is possible only when shared and sharing is not possible when you are alone.  

As someone who because an atheist at a very young age unlike the new age atheist who become atheist due to exposure of content on internet, during my time there was no internet, and i didnt even know there were people in world who didnt belive in gods, i used to think i was the only person who didnt believe in god. Its different when you are a self thought atheist without any assistance of an outside content or thought. I became atheist when i was in 5th or 6th standard, the first thing i had begun hate was festivals due to their obvious religious background. While people were in a jovial mood i resigned from them, i stayed indifferent and slowly developed a hatred towards it, ofcourse i didnt enjoy holy and uttrayan but festivals like diwali were a total no. Its only when i grew older and matured in my thoughts that i realized how important its to have and celebrate festivals, it has nothing to do with the reasons behind it, ram cam back from vanvas or not should not be our business, the point is to celebrate irrespective of the reason behind it. To get together have good food, talk and like that, there is irreplicable feeling to it.

And there are some new age psedo environmentalist who say shit like dont burst crackers and do noise pollution and air pollution, let me tell you its all bullshit. As someone who is of hedonist mindset i would say fuck environment. Its for a single day for goodness sake. The same people who talk about noise and air pollution they dont mind doing air travel, or buy gadgets one after another the carbon footprint of which is far higher than bursting a few cracker on diwali, and the most important thing is that people and children who are gareeb they cant afford branded clothes and diamonds that you spend money on. Fucking elitist people dont understand the reflection of crackers in the eyes of a gareeb child. My own bachpana was spent in somewhat gareebi, crackers were like the biggest thing we kids desired for, i understand this shit and when some bhenchod ameers who sit the whole fucking day in AC, bakchoding on twitter and fb about saving the environment and shit while at the same time they are burning precious resources to have a comfortable life, bloody bhenchods if you really care about environmental get out of that ac, that car, stop air travel take a train, but no, we cant do that, but we are always ready to give a few lectures about pollution and shit, bloody elitist gareebs.

I dont know the source of this anger within me, when i write i automatically become angry. 


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November 13, 2012 at 10:29 am

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